Picking strawberries and mushrooms in the nearby forests


Picking strawberries and mushrooms in the nearby forests. Excursions: Skadar lake and Paradiso Utjeha beach. For children in elementary schools and kindergartens, we offer an educational and interesting excursion into the country. With a stay in the fresh air, instructive lectures on the cultivation of plants and animals, learning old customs and ways of life in the country, you can classify your school day as a kind of school in nature.

Gastro offer

Use of organic garden resources, free range eggs, rabbit meat, river, sea and lake fish. Service for the preparation of organic food. Short cooking classes. Visit to local winemakers (Crmnica region is one of the best positioned for wine production in Montenegro). 


If you stay with us, you will regenerate your body and cleanse yourself of toxins. Your mind is preoccupied with peace and your body in a state of total relaxation where you can become aware of even your breathing and heartbeat. 


When you stay on our farm, you can take part in rural activities such as animal and plant care, gardening, vegetable growing, cooking, cleaning and handicrafts. For guests who want to have fun, we recommend staying in our luxury apartments with a pool and relaxing with sports activities (boxing, billiards, table tennis, swimming, darts, yoga, Pilates, hiking, fishing, inline skating, visiting the nearby wineries in the region Crmnica, excursions: Skadar lake and “Paradiso” Utjeha Beach).