I feel at home when I am closer to nature

Agrotourism, ecological production of fruits, vegetables and eggs, apartments. Agricultural and rural tourism is there for the nature lovers who go to villages and farms to experience rural life and explore their resources.

We invest all of our skills, knowledge and resources in dealing with permaculture and regenerative organic farming, which improves the resources used instead of consuming them or destroying them. This makes our country healthier from year to year and offers you a high organic quality of harvested vegetables from our garden, fresh eggs from our hens that roam freely in the meadows, rabbit meat and fish from the nearby Skadar Lake and the Adriatic Sea.


What about nature spring?

Would you like to drink water from a spring? Swim in the river? Go for a walk along the old Roman road? “Breathe in” millennial forests? Only with us you have the opportunity to do so. When you stay on our farm, you can take part in rural activities such as animal and plant care, gardening, vegetable growing, cooking, cleaning and handicrafts. For guests who want to have fun, we recommend staying in our luxury apartments with a pool and relaxing with sports activities (boxing, billiards, table tennis, swimming, darts, yoga, Pilates, hiking, fishing, inline skating, visiting the nearby wineries in the region Crmnica, excursions: Skadar lake and “Paradiso” Utjeha Beach.